All services at CVARP are provided FREE OF CHARGE to adults age 16 or older who are not enrolled in school.

Current Services Provided

The CVARP services include instruction in Adult Basic Education (ABE), English Language Acquisition for Adults (ELAA), Computer- Assisted Instruction (GED Academy) for ABE and ELAA students, Workplace Learning, Workforce Learning, Workforce Readiness, Life Skills, and Computer Classes for basic computer skills.

  • Adult Basic Education consists of Adult Basic Literacy instruction and pre-GED preparatory instruction for students who will either take their GED, transfer to Yavapai College GED program in our collaborative effort to raise the educational levels in the Verde Valley.
  • English Language Acquisition for Adults consists of classes that teach basic English skills with computer-assisted instruction with English Mastery and other software. Additionally citizenship preparation is included.
  • Workplace Learning consists of CVARP’s staff going to an employer’s site to teach their staff educational skills.
  • Workforce Readiness includes job application and interview instruction, telephone and communication skills. Students are also assisted with skills on the AZ-CIS website.
  • Life Skills include money management, budgeting, organizational skills, and time management.
  • Computer Classes include basic computer skills and familiarity with online capabilities.


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